Body Contouring Treatments


Fat reduction and skin tightening treatments in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire for the body. They are similar to cryolipolysis fat freezing - but better!


Reduce belly fat fast with the best body contouring treatments. My Body Contouring  Plan focuses on pockets of belly fat combined with skin tightening for body contouring. Boost your confidence and feel fabulous in your own skin every day.

  • Stomach fat removal
  • Skin tightening legs
  • Safe and effective body HIFU treatments
  • Payment plans from £125 per month*

HIFU Body Tummy

HIFU body treatments can tighten the skin on the tummy, around the hips and above the knees and ankles. It doesn’t help you to lose weight, but it does help to distribute and condition those cells around the body.


HIFU Body Contouring Treatments

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound [HIFU] Body contouring treatments are highly effective for skin tightening and firming, both for the face and the body.

This non-invasive ultrasound is an excellent body contouring treatment for tummy fat reduction and firmer skin. It gives instant, visible effects, making skin look smoother, tighter, and firmer. HIFU body treatments help you feel lighter and more confident in your clothes.

How do HIFU Body Contouring work?

HIFU body treatments deliver focused ultrasound micro energy and radio frequency deep into the skin which creates a disruption of stubborn fat cells and skin tightening.

The depths reached are 12mm to disrupt deep fat cells and 4mm for stubborn visceral fat cells and collagen stimulation for skin tightening.

The deep fat cells and stubborn tissue reacts to the heat (up to 75 degrees) and generates an instant and natural inflammatory response, naturally disposing of stored energy from the fat cells into your bloodstream and metabolising it as energy.

The disruption induces the body’s natural inflammation response to repair – new collagen and elastin are produced which tightens the skin instantly and also provides long-term toning effects. This results in firmness to skin tone which simply can’t be achieved through dieting and exercise alone.

HIFU is non-invasive cavitation fat removal, has no negative side effects and works with your own body’s natural processes.

Body Contouring Plan

HIFU Fat Reduction

The body contouring treatment plan is my recommended protocol for reducing tummy fat and skin tightening One body contouring treatment with HIFU will make a difference to your tummy area, however, a course of three treatments over a 12 week period is the best advice for optimum results and long term confidence in your body.

I am so confident that my sculpting plan treatment protocols will work for you, I'm happy for you to spread the cost of the treatments over 6 months.

Body Contouring Treatments [FAQs]

HIFU body treatment results will last as long as you naturally age. The treatment protocols I recommend are over 12 weeks with a rest period for the results to improve. After about six months most clients often complete the three treatment protocol again - but it's not essential!

HIFU uses layers of micro-energy to improve deep skin tone. The focused energy penetrates to varying depths and destroys subcutaneous fatty tissue which reacts to the heat and disposes stored energy from the fat cells, metabolising it as energy.

The treatment encourages new collagen and elastin to be produced and these tighten the skin instantly and give long-term effects.

Some people notice it immediately and others notice results between 2-12 weeks. It depends on the condition of your skin.

You’ll notice the firming effect around two weeks after the treatment – this is the time it takes for your natural inflammatory response to produce the collagen and elastin in your dermis.

HIFU body treatments can be uncomfortable but it’s minimal. HIFU delivers shots of ultrasound directly on the skin. On average, on a medium area 500+ shots will be delivered. To complete this amount of energy to the skin there are between 2 and 3 passes. The only discomfort is on the last pass as the energy builds. I can adjust the energy output if you do feel uncomfortable although it’s more effective at a higher energy level.

HIFU body can be used anywhere on your body where there is loose skin or you want to reduce fat. It works well on wobbly tummies and thighs as well as arms, legs and hips.

HIFU is an excellent non-surgical treatment for fat reduction because it uses ultrasound energy and radio frequency deep into the skin to disrupt stubborn fat cells. The stored energy in those cells then metabolises via your muscles and liver.

You may see some bruising after a few days but that will reduce quite quickly. There are no other negative side effects from HIFU body.

Yes, because it’s non-invasive yet still delivers excellent results. Also, many people notice dimpling after liposuction where the fat cells have been removed.

This doesn’t happen with HIFU body because it removes the fat from the cells but leaves the cells in place. It also tightens the skin around the area at the same time.

Liposuction and tummy tucks are more expensive – you could easily pay up to £6,000 with 6 months downtime plus there are risks associated with surgical options.

Yes. One HIFU body treatment (45mins)is the equivalent to eight sessions (8 x 60 mins treatments) of 3D lipo cavitation delivered every week. It has the same effect but you’re only investing one hour of your time, rather than eight for the same result. 


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